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Nor Naiz, Gu Gara: Blas Uberuaga

Nor Naiz, Gu Gara (Who I Am, We Are) is a series aiming to explore the meaning of Basque Identity around the world, both within Euskal Herria as well as in the diaspora.  For an introduction to the series, look here. I am an American, born and raised.  And I’m extremely proud of that fact.  […]

Nor Naiz, Gu Gara / Who I Am, We Are

Buber’s Basque Page has been silent a while, as I’ve had work travel and of course Jaialdi (which I hope to write about soon) during the last couple of months. That said, I’d like to break the silence with a new series, entitled “Nor Naiz, Gu Gara”, roughly translated as “Who I Am, We Are.”  […]