8 thoughts on “Just plain wrong…”

  1. I agree, and my brother, Jorge, makes a ‘killer’ garbanzada. I understand all the flavors that are infused into any dish that uses chorizo vasco, but any other type of chorizo is just plain wrong. But, that is just my opinion!


    Un second thought that picture might just be statating
    “I am chorizo”!

    Quite philosophical, I think.

  3. I may die with clogged arteries, but I will be happy. Soy chorizos are a sin against a culture!

  4. I come from a village where they make GOOD chorizo. What you can buy in the stores in California, is pure fat.
    You should try this Soy Chorizo. You’ll be in for a surprise.

  5. What Unai says is true. Being a “chorizo” in Spain means being a “theft” That phrase would be a funny joke in Spain, specially if compared with the image of some of our politicians, ejem, ejem.

  6. coming from a mexican-basque family, eating both mexican and spanish style choriz. Soy is not bad, its healthier and I have even had ground beef seasoned like chorizo…. a true foodie will try anything!

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