Euskara Umearentzat

My Euskara is very poor. I have a basic understanding of the grammar, but my vocabulary is very limited and I don’t have the declensions nor the conjugation of the verbs in my head.

Even so, I’d like to pass what little I can on to my daughter, to at least give her an exposure to the language.  Maybe, someday, when she is old enough to decide for herself, she may choose to study Euskara in some depth.  At the very least, I want her to be familiar with the sounds and some basic vocabulary for when we might visit family in Euskadi.

During one of our trips, we found this great book, Nire Lehenengo Hitzen Liburua, which is sort of a Baby Einstein book but in Euskara.  It is a book of pictures, with different topics on each page (like animals, the kitchen, transportation, and so on).  In fact, we have a Baby Einstein book that is very similar.  This book has the name of each item in both Euskara and English, so it is great.

I’m wondering if anyone has any other such books they’d recommend.  I’m not sure I’m up for a book with actual sentences (though we do have some of those in them too).  More, something that has pictures and names of the pictures, ideally in both Euskara and English.  Maybe something more advance as well.  What books have you found?  Any suggestions?

By the way, Nire Lehenengo Hitzen Liburura can be purchased online from Elkar.

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  1. There is a nice bath book called Balea. That was our first Basque book and I mean the whole family read it. Many times. There is another called Hiru Munstro Txiki.
    For books with real sentences, there are 6 Pirritx eta Porrotx books, my kids love them!

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