Idaho Oregon Nevada Heritage Museum

Sheep were a big business in southwest Idaho/eastern Oregon/northern Nevada.  As a result, a lot of Basques settled in the high desert of the area.  Sheep brought my dad and my mom’s grandparents to America.  My mom’s aitxitxa, Blas Telleria, and amuma, Ines Eiguren, both settled in Jordan Valley, OR, a small town just on the other side of the Idaho border.  Jordan Valley is full of reminders of the Basque history of the place, most notably the fronton in the center of the town, but also in the names of the streets.  Most recently, the Elorriaga-Goicoechea house has become the home of the Idaho Oregon Nevada Heritage Museum.  Andy Franco was recently there, and took some photos of the Basque momentos which testify to the Basque presence and history of the American West.  The photos can be viewed in this gallery.

Eskerrik asko, Andy!

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