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To Basques in the US, Nancy Zubiri is well known.  Author of A Travel Guide to Basque America, there is probably no one who knows better both the current landscape of Basque America or how that landscape came to be.  Thus, it is very fitting that Nancy has just launched a new project, an online news magazine of all things Basque, Euskal Kazeta.  Featuring articles and stories about the Basques in the Caribbean, pilotaris in Bakersfield, and Aita Tillous, Euskal Kazeta exploits Nancy’s knowledge and network to bring fascinating stories, both past and present, from all corners of the Basque experience.  The site is well designed and allows visitors to leave their thoughts on what they read.  Euskal Kazeta is a great addition to cyberEuskadi, the Basque presence on the web.

2 thoughts on “Euskal Kazeta — Basque News”

  1. Thanks Blas for your flattering comments. And we hope everyone will bookmark Euskal Kazeta at home and make it one of their favorite websites–along with Buber’s Basque Page of course!:)

  2. bonjour nancy!!je suis l’accordeoniste de la fete de chino, j’ai vu euskal kazeta et je vous en felicite .je suis tres heureux d’avoir fait votre connaissance .voici un site qui vous plaira et c’est mon travail .à bientô

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