Calling all Ocamicas…

Miguel Ocamica, the son of Ramon, a good friend of my dad’s who was one of the chorizo crew I posted about a while back, is trying to gather the Ocamicas of the world together.  The goal is to establish a family tree of some sort between all the Ocamicas of the world.  To facilitate this, they have created a group on Facebook, Apellido Ocamica.  If you are a Ocamica or know of one, please pass on this news so that the history of the Ocamica family name can be known.

3 thoughts on “Calling all Ocamicas…”

  1. Heyllo,

    I am an Ocamica and would love to get in contact with Miguel Ocamica and give him some of my information that i have. I was born in Guernica and came here with my parents when i was four. Thank you so much for your help in advance.


    1. Hello to all Ocamicas!

      I am from a branch in Boise Idaho area. I have information on my Gr. father, his two brothers who arrived in America in 1910. 100 yrs ago!
      I invite you to contact me anytime or even call me at my home, 208-461-0094.
      Thank you, Jeanie

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