Blogging about Basques in America

Koldo San Sebastian is a journalist and writer who has spent his career working in various media on themes of Basque history, including a television documentary on the Spanish Civil War in Euskadi, a book on the history of the Basque Nationalist Party, and another on the Basque exile in America.

Koldo is currently writing two blogs on Basques in America.  The first, Amerikanuak, is exactly about that, the Basque experience in America.  Recent postings have been about the first Basque dance group in Idaho, the Basques of Newfoundland, and the emigration from Aldudes, Baja Nafarroa.  These are in depth articles, written by a master historian, that do more than touch the surface, they delve into the heart of the subject.

The second blog is a bit more focused.  Basques of Nevada is an alphabetical list of all those Basques who left Euskal Herria for the state of Nevada.  This project has just started, still going through the surnames beginning with A, but gives a brief blurb, when possible, on each and every emigrant from Euskal Herria.  This seems like a Herculean task, but one that I am sure is invaluable to all of those of Basque descent living in Nevada.

Eskerrik asko, Koldo, for sharing your efforts with all of us!

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