Basque Soil, Literally

Can you tell that I’m trying to catch up on things today?  In any case, here is one of the more bizarre links I’ve gotten recently, though maybe this is something people have been wanting for a while and I’m just not aware.  Maybe if you are a gardener, this is the perfect thing for you.  Or the perfect gift for that Basque gardner in your family.

Euskadiko Lurra, Basque Soil, is a company that sells, literally, Basque soil, from the heart of Gipuzkoa.  If you want Basque soil to grow your Basque txuritxeros in, this is the way to go.

If anyone tries it, let me know how it went.  Not being a gardner at all myself, I can’t imagine this would make much of a difference, but maybe it does.  And, if nothing else, I guess it would be neat to be able to say that your plants are grown in soil from the Basque Country.

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