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Aitor Delgado recently wrote me describing his tour company, Aitor Delgado Tours, with the tag line Get a Real Basque Experience with your Personal Tour Guide.  Aitor describes his goals better than I ever could:

My name is Aitor Delgado. I love my country and I have been showing it enthusiastically around for more than 14 years in private tours to friends, colleagues and clients of more than 40 countries. 

I have travelled to more than 50 countries around the world (and counting). This contact with people of all ages, sexes, origins and religions made my prejudices fastly dissapear and help me to understand the diversity of our world. 

I used in my travels the language as a way to interact with locals and to understand better their culture. I speak fluently Spanish, Basque, English & Italian and I have as well a medium level in French and German and say a few words and sentences in many other languages. 

Now I am happy to help you with my tours to understand the art, history, traditions and culture of the Basque Country.

Let me be your host in the Basque Country and let me show you the must seen but also the hidden gems of this region both in Spain and France with my tours: Basque Country, Pays Basque, Castille, Navarre & La Rioja: its museums (Bilbao is not only Guggenheim Museum), traditions, culture, nature, food and wines.

Discover all aspects of our region with a local.

Private tours adjusted to you
All my tours can be tailored only for you and the ones you want to share with (your partner, family, children, friends…). 

We will see the most interesting sights, but also the off-the-beaten-track places only known by locals. 
And always at your speed and according to your interests and the time you have.

Do you need any help?  I am willing to help you.

Given the large interest in people discovering their roots, and the fact that there is no better way than to visit the Basque Country, I’ll continue to share these services as I learn abou them.

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