Hell yeah! Hella Basque is Back!

Hella Basque is a blog by Anne-Marie, a young Basque woman who grew up in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. Hella Basque started maybe five years ago and gave a youthful perspective on being Basque in the United States, a view that resonated with many readers. Anne-Marie, a veteran of the Basque festival circuit, shared views about being Basque-American that you simply couldn’t find anywhere else, even discussing issues such as how woman are treated at and experience those festivals. However, about three years ago, Anne-Marie took a break from the blogging world, deciding to take some time to travel and further her education. 

Now, she is back! Spurred on, in part, by her aita’s constant refrain “Right or wrong, do something,” Anne-Marie has rejoined the blogging world. Her first post, Hella Basque is Back, describes her hiatus and her reasons for coming back to revive her online presence, and most intriguingly, teases some big plans in the works.

Welcome back, Hella Basque! We missed your fresh voice and look forward to seeing the new and improved version!

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