My Daughter’s Christmas Gift: Lauburu Inlayed with Rosettas

Lauburu inlayed with rosetta designs. Photo by Lisa Van De Graaff.

My wife, Lisa Van De Graaff, and I made this for our daughter. A friend of Lisa’s dad cut out the lauburu outline a number of years ago for me (I used a few others to make cribbage boards for my brothers — over ten years ago). I asked my daughter to pick her favorite rosettas, carved them out, and then filled them with epoxy. Lisa put the finishing touches on it, giving it that lustrous shine. Given my amateurish woodworking skills, I think it turned out nice, though I think, with better tools and more skills, it could look even better. But, the important thing is that our daughter likes it!

Basque-themed cribbage boards, designed and made by me, for my brothers, back in 2009.

4 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Christmas Gift: Lauburu Inlayed with Rosettas”

  1. I love the lauburu you and your wife made for your daughter! What a special treasure that is!!! Thank you for sharing it here!.

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