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Basque Fact of the Week: Mount Oiz, the Balcony of Bizkaia

The day after celebrating Madalenas, we went to Munitibar, the home town of my dad, where we met up with my friend and distant cousin Jon Zuazo. He and his cuadrilla made lunch for us at the txoko in Gerrikaitz and it was fabulous! Fried peppers, tomato salad, merluza, and home made cheesecake! After, we […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 163

“This is it,” said Maite as she looked over at Kepa. They had left the city early in the morning, driving back to Bizkaia, to Mallabia, where Ainhoa lived with her parents, Martin Goikoetxea and Marta Zabala, who resided in apartment C on the 4th floor. “You ready?” Kepa gave a slight nod as Maite […]

Basque Fact of the Week: The Madalenas Fiesta of Bermeo, Mundaka, and Elantxobe

One of the most memorable parts of my time living in the Basque Country was the fiestas. There simply is no equivalent in the United States – throngs of people cramming the streets, drinking, eating, and singing until the wee hours of the morning. That the Basques have a phrase for spending all night out […]

Bringing Ely, Nevada to London

Vince Juaristi, who amongst many other activities has written extensively about his Basque experience, just wrote to me about Daniel Gamboa Camou, a young Basque-American who is an actor, producer, and theatre-maker and who’s debut production, Now Entering Ely, Nevada, is going to have multiple performances in London. They are looking for some help to […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 162

“We should go,” said Kepa, breaking Maite’s somber reverie. “The last boat will be leaving soon.” Maite nodded and, taking Kepa’s hand, walked down the path back toward the dock.  “What was it like?” she asked. “What was what like?” “Being dead.” “I died before…” began Kepa. “Bai,” Maite cut him off. “But last time, […]

Basque Fact of the Week: The Bizkaian Port of Bermeo

A few weeks ago, after a few days in Barcelona, we went to the Basque Country. Traveling with a childhood friend and his family, we found an awesome Airbnb in Bermeo, a delightful port city on the coast of Bizkaia. I’d been there before – my dad’s brother Jose and his wife Eli used to […]

Basque Fact of the Week: Pedro Etxenike, Physicist

As a scientist of Basque heritage, it is truly inspirational to see the success of people like Professor Pedro Etxenike. Not only is he a world class scientist, but over his career he has advocated for the role of science in society, helping the Basque government form educational and scientific policy as well as advocating […]

The Adventures of Maite and Kepa: Part 160

“What the hell?” hissed Maite.  “Yeah, dude,” added Kepa. “What the hell?” Maite just shook her head. “Whenever you want a break, that’s fine. You can leave us here, leave the plot hanging. But we barely get five words before you throw us back into the fire. How is that fair?” Kepa shrugged. “He has […]

Basque Fact of the Week: The Basques and the Bees

There are over 16,000 species of bees in the world and humans have had a long association with them. Of course, humans have exploited bees to produce honey and wax, but they have had a more intimate relationship with bees as well, telling them of important events in their lives. The Basques have their own […]