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An update…

Because of some legacy files from my WordPress installation that had been compromised, my site kept being used to send massive amounts of spam, which caused my service provider to block my account to prevent more spam from being sent out. I’m upgrading the software, but it’s going to take me a little while to […]

Get Email Updates of Posts to Buber’s Basque Page

Not hosting my site on, I never noticed this fancy button that allows people to enter an email address to receive notices of posts to the blog. It wasn’t until I saw Hella Basque‘s follow button that I became aware of this feature. I found a plugin that allows and WordPress-driven site to have […]

Isil-isilik dago…

It’s been way too quiet around here.  My apologies.  I have my typical excuse, real life.  But, to ensure that these pages are vibrant and alive, I want to do a much better job of posting, of sharing all things Basque.  So, if you have suggestions, please let me know. What should I be posting?  […]

PHP woes

As you probably have noticed by now, some of my pages aren’t quite working right, with PHP pages asking if you want to download them.  That is because of a change in server configuration I wasn’t aware of and now my files aren’t parsed quite right.  I’m working on getting that fixed and hope to […]

A Long Silence

Again, it has been a long while since I’ve added or posted to the pages. Sorry, everyone. Life keeps getting in the way. The site is not dead — I have new things I want to do with the site, I just need to make the time to update more often. I have some interviews […]