Interview with Mikel Morris

Some of you may recognize the name Mikel Morris.  He has written the definitive Basque-English dictionary, the Morris Student Plus. Mikel, born in the United States, has lived in the Basque Country since 1978.  As part of his efforts to live in Euskadi, he created the Morris Academy, an English language school in Zarautz.

As a foreigner who has immersed himself in to Basque culture and Euskara, he has a unique perspective on the language. In this interview, Mikel describes his tribulations in getting his dictionary published, shares his thoughts on the Basque government’s policy regarding Euskara, and teases us with hints on his next project, the Morris Magnum, which promises to be the largest bilingual Basque dictionary yet.

Mikel is very blunt in his observations of the state of Euskara, not because he is in any way anti-Basque, but because of the opposite, because of his love for the language, because of his desire to see Euskara not only survive but thrive.

This interview is the first in a series of interviews with Mikel.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Mikel Morris”

  1. Aupa Mikel! I have your pocket dictionary (purchased in Azpeitia on my first-ever visit) and it never leaves my side. This is great work and a true labour of love. Great interview Blas. Zorionak!

  2. May God bless Mr. Mikel Morris and all that are his, a thousand times over for his heart, dreams, efforts and life. He is a man of honor, integrity and nobility. My believing is he will be blessed beyond his imaginations, for planting a seed which will produce a million seeds or more in his lifetime and his seeds lifetime.

    From an American Basque who inherited gifts from her ancient blood lines.

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