Bombing of EiTB

This morning (11AM Bilbao time), ETA set off a car bomb at the headquarters of EiTB, the Basque radio/television company. It appears that no one was hurt, as there was a warning.  More information can be found on EiTB’s website.

I can’t understand what would motive such an attack.  EiTB is one of the most important institutions for the promotion of Euskara and, while they maybe could do some things better, they are also crucial for the survival of Euskara.  I just don’t understand.

My thoughts are with those of EiTB.  I hope that this does not deter any of them from their important work.

10 thoughts on “Bombing of EiTB”

  1. Although I don’t agree with the bombing, I understand why it was done. The EiTB corporation do not broadcast a balanced portrayal of the current Basque situation, particularly in reference to politics. From Xabier Lapitz’s radio show in the morning to the evening Teleberri and the 24 hour interent coverage, the news articles are carefully written with a nod to the PNV. On the other side of the coin is Gara whose content is reflective of a more radical persuasion. Yes the ETB is crucial in terms of broadcasting Euskara, but then we all should play a part. Last weekend I went to Bilbao and in every shop I went into on the Gran Via, none of the assistants spoke euskara. Instead of building a great big sardine tin for the world to see, they should have invested the money in what it was intended for – euskaltegiak. The EiTB does not cover the torture that is very real here, it does not cover the stories about hundreds of year old baserriak that are knocked down to make way for an unnecessary high speed train, it does not cover the plight of political refugees that cannot return home, all because they flew an ikurriña during the Franco regime…it does not petition on behalf of the thousands of Basque people that cannot vote because their party is banned and their leaders imprisoned. True, EiTB is a voice in Euskal Herria, but there is a louder voice of thousands of Basque people that is constantly being silenced by the Spanish/French AND BASQUE authorities.

  2. I will never understand why anybody tries to justify what cannot be justified. Were EITB a group against the Basque language, were it be sthg against the Basque autonomy or whatever, there would be NO reason for bombing it nor anything, nor killing anybody, nor threatening thousands, which is exactly what the fascist ETA does. What Joseba says is simply a shame. It is rubbish.

    There is only one reason for this attack: when ETA wants to punish the PNV, they kill an ertzaina or they bomb any institution related to the Basque government or the moderate nationalism.

    There is a name for that behaviour: FASCISM.

  3. Sorry Iñigo, but I’m with Joseba. I understand and I hear people’s frustration. Basque people are know to be tolerante, but there is a point in life when you can not take it anymore.

  4. Hi Iñigo, I wasn’t justifying what ETA did. That’s not my point, nor for me to say. I was merely stating that the EiTB is biased and what it does NOT cover frustrates many people, not least those that then pursue a violent response. As for ETA being fascist, I think you have your wires crossed. The fact remains here, anyone that stands up for the ezker abertzale is classed as a terrorist, and more often than not, put in prison. The guy from Lazkao that destroyed the Herriko Taberna (whilst the ETB was filming it all??!?) will be hailed as a hero. He should get 8 years for terrorism and sent to a prison 1000 miles from his home. I’m as frustrated as everyone else, but on the current course, this is going nowhere, and in the light of recent elections, things are unlikely to change. If they do, it will probably be for the worse. The root of the problem is that we [Basque people] are divided. Franco died nearly 35 years ago – non dago hemengo demokrazia? Ba, ez dau!

  5. EITB does not promote euskera.
    Basques have a constant frustration with eitb and use of Basque!!

  6. EITB is a fundamental TOOL of spaniard genocide colonoes in theyr colonisation, now PSOE (GAL)and PP( impugne authors of genocides,mass execution of thousands of basques for the simply reason of be basque, espeak basque or write about basque culture)
    will comand eitb, but basque media was weak yet.

    Spain want destry basque culture, the closed newspaper, EGIN, EGUNKRIA…..closed RADIOes, cancelled TV programs,shows, attacked IKASTOLAS, prohibited all thats basque-EUSKALDUN
    NOW MAYORITY os basque country is NATHIONALIST BASQUE, but with spaniards APARTHEID pollitic they will comand ARABA,BIZKAIA and GIPUZKOA, mayorty basque are afraid because we know whats spaniard “MODUS OPERANDI”

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