Today in Basque History: Battle of Najera, King of Sardinia, Aizkolaris

1367: The Battle of Nájera, also known as the Battle of Navarrete, is fought between an Anglo-Gascon army and Franco-Castilian forces near Nájera, in the province of La Rioja. The English are led by Edward, the Black Prince, and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, allied with Pedro of Castile (called “The Cruel”) against his brother Enrique II or Henry of Trastámara. Pedro and Enrique had been in armed conflict, the Castilian Civil War, for some time before the intervention of foreign powers had been sought. The English forces destroy those of Enrique II. Carlos II of Nafarroa was also allied with Pedro.

1849: Carlos Alberto, king of Sardinia, arrives in Tolosa and abdicates his crown to his son Victor Emanuel, king of Italy.

1928: The aizkolaris Ignacio Iriarte and Miguel Ibarbia (“Mendiola”) battle in Azpeitia over 4 logs of 60 inches. The last hack of both men fall at the same time. The judge, “Atxumberri,” gives the victory to Mendiola. Iriarte, dissatisfied, calls for revenge 22 years later, in June 4 1950. Mendiola wins again.

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