2 thoughts on “The Basque Country by the Numbers”

  1. Very interesting! So Navarre is slowly turning her eyes toward San Sebastien. Navarre never knew which way to go–Madrid or Aquitaine.
    it is a beautiful province!!
    My father would go dove hunting in Soule. I wonder if they still perform the Marcarade? I never new the symbolism of the Zamalzain–the man-horse. I went to Cuba few years ago on a tour –during a presentation of various events, during the carnival of Santiago de Cuba, there is Zamalzain.

    1. I haven’t spent much time in Nafarroa, just a few visits, once for San Fermins. I don’t know much about what fiestas still go on, but it seems that they are trying hard to keep old traditions alive so I expect some of those are still going on. I’ve seen the Zamalzain performed in the United States — at Jaialdi. It is pretty cool to watch!

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