Learning Euskara: Some Online Resources

My friend Benoit Etcheverry Macazaga posted on his Facebook page a link to Mintza Lasai, a citizen effort that started in November 2011 with the goal of revitalizing Basque in BAB: Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz. In particular, they have a few resources on Euskara including a practical dictionary in Euskara, French, Spanish, and English as well as a chart of some important words and concepts. These are only a few of the items they have. They also have guides for specific topics, including family, food, school, and music. The best thing? They are all free to download as PDFs that you can then print! These are mostly aimed at French speakers, but they may still prove valuable to others who are trying to learn a bit more Euskara.

If you know of other similar resources, please share!

3 thoughts on “Learning Euskara: Some Online Resources”

  1. How nice!!! I will practice the Jatera section!! As much as I like lamb, I will pass the Axoa! Thank you for the post.

      1. I guess you know what Axoa is but I wonder if some of your readers know. Axoa is a lamb stew and in France the tongue and hooves are used to further flavor the dish. Now lambs are precious looking and have many qualities but personal hygiene is not one of them!
        Skip the hooves. And I don’t like escargots either!!

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