2 thoughts on “The Basque Country by the Numbers”

  1. Greetings,
    The Basques, French and Spanish are united by their language and their culture–but the seven Basque provinces are divided by three very different administrative entities.
    If my memory is correct, it was the Navarrais Santxo Handia le Grand who brought to Pampelune (Iruna), his territory , la Navarre, plus what is now call La Basse Navarre and even a large portion of Aquitaine. It was during his reign that the Basque country was one.
    The history of the Basque country is complex–it is also tied to the French history.
    Speaking and learning Basque is good–but in do not believe that it will bring the seven provinces together as a unified block–a unified autonomous country.
    the Basque flag, l’Ikurina, is new in comparison to the long history of the Basque people, their history and their territory.

    1. Yes, it certainly is a complex history that many of us, myself included, don’t really understand or appreciate. Particularly, this older history and all of the kingdoms and such. Having a history so intertwined with two powerful neighbors makes it that much more convoluted.

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