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Basque Fact of the Week: Lucas Eguibar Bretón, Snowboard Cross World Champion

When you think of the Basque Country and sports, images of pelota, rowing, or stone lifting come to mind. And of course soccer, no matter who you root for. However, while the Basque Country certainly gets snow, it isn’t known for winter sports. However, that might start changing with the incredible performances of Lucas “Luki” […]

A Basque tribute in body art

If you’ve never seen the man, he is down-right impressive. John Ochandorena Descarga, better known as simply Johnny O, is a walking tribute to the Basques, their culture, their history, and his ancestry.  With two arm sleaves, tats up and down his legs and across his chest, Johnny definitely stands out in a crowd.  I […]

Two new tattoos featuring lauburus

The lauburu is such a Basque symbol that most of the tattoos that I’ve received prominently feature it in some way or another.  The two most recent tattoos are no exception. Megan Etcheberry is a second generation but 100% Basque who lives in Portland, Oregon.  Her tattoo features an encircled lauburu on her back.  Simple, […]


Lee Azpiroz sent a photo of his tattoo, a collage of Basque icons.  He writes: “Started with the lauburu.  Then added the euskadi map, ikurrina background, and the bull to balance the whole thing out. “PS:  Need to add “Azpiroz” as a sur name.” Lee’s tattoo, along with all the others, can be seen in […]

Euskadi geurea

The tattoo photos keep coming in. The latest tattoo belongs to Mikel Lataburu.  On his arm, he has the phrase “Euskadi geurea,” which translates to “Euskadi is ours.”  He had it done by a Kurdish friend of his in Istanbul, where Mikel currently resides.  He says it is a beautiful Sunday day in Istanbul and […]

Harro Euskaldun

A new tattoo has been added to the Tattoo Gallery. This one comes from Michael Bengoa of Susanville, California. He says it took him a long time to locate someone who could do the type of job he was looking for. Looks like he found the right person. Thanks Michael!

New tattoo from Inaki

Inaki of Durango Tatu has sent a number of photos of his work before, which can be seen in the Tattoo Gallery. He sends what may be his most ambitious tattoo yet in terms of incorporating Basque symbols. Also, maybe the most radical in terms of placement on the body! 🙂