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Basque Fact of the Week: The Sanctuary of Arantzazu

The Sanctuary of Arantzazu is nestled in the mountains just outside of the city of Oñati, famous itself for the University of Oñati, one of the oldest buildings in Iberia. Arantzazu is known for its uncharacteristic and distinctly modern look, “one of the most avant-garde religious buildings in the world“. The spires are covered in […]

Zoe Bray, painter

Zoe Bray wrote me to announce both her painting project in the US during her time at UNR and an upcoming lecture in San Francisco! Zoe Bray is a realist painter in the traditional oil technique. She focuses on portraits, and recently completed a commission to draw from life bertsolaris from Iparralde/French Basque Country. Her […]