Zoe Bray, painter

Zoe Bray wrote me to announce both her painting project in the US during her time at UNR and an upcoming lecture in San Francisco!

Zoe Bray is a realist painter in the traditional oil technique. She focuses on portraits, and recently completed a commission to draw from life bertsolaris from Iparralde/French Basque Country. Her latest exhibition, entitled ‘People and Places’ took place in the Museum of Biarritz, in July and August 2011. In this exhibition, Zoe Bray showed some of her recent landscapes and portraits of individuals in the Basque Country. Amongst some of these were portraits of famous figures of contemporary Basque culture, including the sculptor Nestor Basterretxea, the painter José Antonio Sistiaga and the choreographer and writer Filipe Oyhamburu.

She is currently based at the University of Nevada Reno, and looks forward to painting the portraits of local people and Basque Americans. She will be giving a talk on painting at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center in November (http://www.basqueed.org/BEO-Basque-Culture-Day-2011.htm)

See her work and how to contact her on: www.zoebray.net

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