“I like fried eggs!” — Some Basque Weirdness in a Spanish Comic

The Great Enigmas of Martin Mystere, Investigator of the Impossible.

Guillermo Zubiaga sent me this strange and funny bit from Los Grandes Enigmas de Martin Mystere, Investigador de lo Imposible, a Spanish translation of an Italian comic published in 1982. In the comic, the hero encounters an unknown tribe in Belize. I don’t know anything about the plot, but there are a few scenes in which the tribesmen are talking amongst themselves and they inexplicably converse in Euskara.

What a strange language the tribesmen are speaking…

However odd that might be, it doesn’t compare with what that the Euskara translates to…

I like fried eggs too! Translation by Guillermo Zubiaga, with a few tweaks by me.

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