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Did you know that the Basque Museum and Cultural Center had so many online resources? If you are interested in pursuing your genealogy, looking at the history of Basques in Boise and America more broadly, or wanting to learn a bit more about Basque culture, the Basque Museum has you covered. Taken from their most recent newsletter (if you don’t get their newsletter, you can subscribe on their website), and posted with permission (mil esker Annie Gavica!), here are some great resources to keep you busy when you would have otherwise been dancing, singing, and drinking in the streets during Jaialdi!

Online Collections & Joseph V. Eiguren Memorial Library: The entirety of the Joseph V. Eiguren Memorial Library can be browsed online along with a sampling of our collections, simply click and browse! 

From Euzkadi to Idaho: Bonifacio Garmendia Collection: A collection of photographs that once hung in the Boise Basque Center, the Garmendia collection features photographs of immigrant men that Garmendia helped settle in America. 

La Historia de los Vascongados en el Oeste (History of Basques in the West): Published in 1917, History of Basques in the West, includes the histories of many Basques families in the Amer- ican West. This book is great starting point in researching Basque family history and is available on our website in both Spanish and English. 
https://basquemuseum.eus/research/la-historia-de-los- vascongados-en-el-oste/

Obituary Database: The BMCC is home to various collections, including a robust collection of Basque obituaries. These obituaries are valuable in research for exhibits and our work, but they are also key
to creating family histories. 
https://basquemuseum.eus/research/ obituaries/

Oral Histories: Our website also features a database of oral histories that include interview summaries and audio clips. These are another valuable resources to anyone doing research. 

Basque Musicians in the West: In 2016, BMCC intern, Eneko Tuduri, created a new database on our website for researchers and the general public: Basque Musicians in the West. This database contains information on the many talented Basque musicians and music groups in the American West. When possible, audio clips were added to the database, creating an immersive and fun experi- ence to explore. 

Ahaztu Barik Cemetery Project: Spearheaded by Liz Hardesty, the Ahaztu Barik Cemetery Project focuses on Boise’s Morris Hill Cemetery. The project identified 60 burials of unknown Basques and 60 more names of Basques who are buried in unknown locations at the cemetery. View this fascinating project on our website: 

Virtual Learning Resources: Here you can find all supplemental materials for the Activity Workbook, videos, online learning games, and printable activity sheets. Updated often, so always check back! 

Live Basque Radio: Missing a taste of the Old Country? Check out this page to stream live radio from the Basque Country in real time. 

Online Presentations: Check the events calendar to register for online presentations hosted through ZOOM. Topics range from historical lectures, workshops, to discussions on modern Basque culture. 

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