Ethnographic Atlas of the Basque Country

I just stumbled on to the Ethnographic Atlas of the Basque Country, which intends “to provide an overview of popular culture and lifestyles of the Basques throughout the 20th century up to the present day.” It covers a range of every day activities and aspects of every day life, from “House and Family” to “Diet” to “Children’s Games.” Lots of games are described, from peek-a-boo games with infants to language games played between older kids.

There are sections on “Medicine” and “Birth.” Did you know that “The most common childhood belief was that children came from Paris and they were brought by a stork, zikoina.

There are also sections on “Livestock Farming” and “Agriculture,” with a whole section on making cheese.

This looks like a fantastic resource for delving into the every day life of the Basques. It is in Euskara, Spanish, English, and French, so it is easily accessible to everyone.

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