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Txoria Txori by Joan Baez

Dafydd, frequent contributor and poster on the Forum posted this video in the Forum. It is a video of scenes from the Basque Country to the song Txoria Txori as sung by Joan Baez. The lyrics, as reported on many sites, are: Txoria Txori Hegoak ebaki banizkio Neria izango zen Ez zuen aldegingo Bainan, honela […]

Ekaitzaldi: Basque Music Blog

Sometimes, learning about Basque music when you reside outside of Euskadi can be difficult.  There are new media available, including streaming music on the internet, but, still, it can be difficult to really sample and discover new groups. Txema of Bilbo sent me a link to Ekaitzaldi, a blog that covers a wide range of […]