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An update…

Because of some legacy files from my WordPress installation that had been compromised, my site kept being used to send massive amounts of spam, which caused my service provider to block my account to prevent more spam from being sent out. I’m upgrading the software, but it’s going to take me a little while to get everything worked out. All of the files are there, but the menus are missing to find them. I hope to get them all back very soon. If you find broken links, I’d very much appreciate you letting me know.

Eskerrik asko, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Get Email Updates of Posts to Buber’s Basque Page

Not hosting my site on, I never noticed this fancy button that allows people to enter an email address to receive notices of posts to the blog. It wasn’t until I saw Hella Basque‘s follow button that I became aware of this feature. I found a plugin that allows and WordPress-driven site to have a similar feature. So, if you want to receive email notification whenever a new posting is made to Buber’s Basque Page, click the “follow” button at the bottom of the page.

Buber’s Basque Page Annual Report

2012-year-in-bloggingA new feature of WordPress is to generate an annual report of activity for a given blog. I thought I’d share mine, just because. The report is here. It only has data since I activated “Jet Pack”, so since roughly May. And it only reflects visits to the main blog site and not the side pages that are part of the original Buber’s Basque Page.

The main thing is that I guess I’ve only done about 21 posts since May. Not so much. I always have the best intentions of doing more, but clearly I don’t get it done. We’ll see if I can do better this year.

Also, the posts don’t seem to generate many comments. I would like to generate more dialog with my visitors, but I’m not quite sure how to go about doing that. Any suggestions?

Overall, I would like to get some opinions on what people would like to see from this blog and this site more generally. Of course, the best intentions are often derailed by the demands of everyday life, but I will certainly do my best.

Urte berri on denari!


The end of the webnotes

When I first started this site, I got lots of great feedback about the articles and pages I was posting. At one point, I felt it would be great to channel that, to create a site bigger than myself where others might contribute and add their expertise, correcting mistakes or expanding on details that would offer more information to everyone. Hence, I added the possibility of people posting their own notes on each of the pages on this site.

With time, though, things change and I’ve decided to deactivate, at least for now, the webnotes for the pages on this site. There are two reasons. The first is technical: the webnotes involve scripts that can be exploited and are possibly one of the ways that my site is used to send spam. I’m not as much of a PHP guru to ensure that the scripts are always secure. They were also clunky for me to approve, making it simply a not-very-pleasant task to go through and approve them all.

The second is more selfish. The vision I had of people adding to the articles, expanding them, adding new details, never really materialized. By far the most popular aspect of the webnotes was with the surname list. While, clearly, I have a great interest in genealogy, these types of posts were the least interesting to me, and also contributed to my lack of drive to go through and approve them all. And I did have to approve them, as otherwise spam or malicious content would have made it to the pages.

I’m rethinking this process. Maybe I will find a better method for doing webnotes, or the equivalent, and reactivate them in the future. I’m not yet sure. If you have a strong opinion, please let me know.

Isil-isilik dago…

It’s been way too quiet around here.  My apologies.  I have my typical excuse, real life.  But, to ensure that these pages are vibrant and alive, I want to do a much better job of posting, of sharing all things Basque.  So, if you have suggestions, please let me know. What should I be posting?  What is missing?  Do you have anything to contribute?  I’m always looking…

House keeping complete

Just in time for Christmas, I’ve completed the house keeping on the main subject pages, the pages that are linked to in the menu on the left.  I changed the format and cleaned up the links.  If anyone sees any important links that are missing or has comments about the new look of those pages, please feel free to leave a note here or send me an email.

Zorionak eta Eguberri On denari!