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New tattoo from Inaki

Inaki of Durango Tatu has sent a number of photos of his work before, which can be seen in the Tattoo Gallery. He sends what may be his most ambitious tattoo yet in terms of incorporating Basque symbols. Also, maybe the most radical in terms of placement on the body! 🙂

Photo Album Revamped

I revamped the Photo Album, using the NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe, a plugin for WordPress that will hopefully make the Photo Album both easier to update and more visually appealing.  Any comments greatly appreciated.  I have new photos to add to the Album, which I hope to do soon.

Txoria Txori by Joan Baez

Dafydd, frequent contributor and poster on the Forum posted this video in the Forum. It is a video of scenes from the Basque Country to the song Txoria Txori as sung by Joan Baez. The lyrics, as reported on many sites, are: Txoria Txori Hegoak ebaki banizkio Neria izango zen Ez zuen aldegingo Bainan, honela […]

Fotos de Pueblos

This is a site I stumbled across a while ago.  It is a site of photos from numerous towns and pueblos of the Basque Country, at least the Spanish side.  They have a pretty big list for Bizkaia, Nafarroa and Gipuzkoa, though the Araba section is a bit thin yet.  They even have a set […]


Tony Duffy is an Englishman, now living in Donostia where he teaches English. He has begun a blog about his experiences living in that beautiful Basque city, and he was kind enough to plug my site on his blog. From futbol, to food, to his impressions of the city, Tony gives a unique perspective on […]

ausArt: Basque classical music

ausArt is a Basque Classical label, specializing in 24-bit audio recordings.  What does that mean?  A CD — compact disc — is a 16-bit audio format.  That means there is some loss in fidelity of the recording.  If you use a DVD instead, you can get 24-bit audio and a higher fidelity of sound.  That […]

Basque Hotel in Paris

Chloe Freslon, the online marketing director for Hotel des Academies et des Arts Paris, wrote to tell me about the Hotel. Why, do you ask? Well, the owners, Charlotte and her husband Laurent Inchauspe, are Basque and would love to welcome more Basques to Paris. The hotel, as the name implies, is focused on art […]

Ekaitzaldi: Basque Music Blog

Sometimes, learning about Basque music when you reside outside of Euskadi can be difficult.  There are new media available, including streaming music on the internet, but, still, it can be difficult to really sample and discover new groups. Txema of Bilbo sent me a link to Ekaitzaldi, a blog that covers a wide range of […]

Basque Instant Messaging

From EuskoSare again.  If you are big into instant messaging and want to give your IMing a Basque flavor, EuskoSare has some graphics that are perfect for you.  Check out this site for a collection of graphics for both male and female identities.  The one at left most closely resembles me.  🙂